Very intriguing move by Facebook. Seems that any company that depends on access to consumers via apps or the web now has the strategy of building their own OS. Microsoft originally started that trend by building their own browser in the 1990’s (Internet Explorer), and Apple did the same in the 2000’s (Safari). Google took that a stage further by building two complete OS  (Android for mobile devices and Chrome for desktop/laptops). Amazon has customised Android heavily for it’s Kindle devices (a step towards building their own OS?).

I worry about the privacy implications of Facebook Home, not for myself (I’ll install it to play with, but will happily stay on iOS), but for my son. He’s 5, and by the time he’s a teenager our notions of privacy will be much further eroded than now. What will this mean for him, his personal and professional life, his friends and family?

Why Facebook Home bothers me: It destroys any notion of privacy — Tech News and Analysis

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