I’ve only just caught-up with this episode of Hypercritical with Dan Benjamin and John Siracusa. It contains the first-half of a damning list of inaccuracies, errors and omissions in Walter Isaacsons book on Steve Jobs. I’m only part-way through the book, and can’t comment in anything approaching the detail of John Siracusa, but so far I’ve learned very little about Steve Jobs that I haven’t read elsewhere.

The conclusion by John Siracusa is that Steve Jobs chose the wrong guy to write his biography. It occurs to me that perhaps 2 books were needed – a general biography, and a much more detailed analysis of the business life of Steve Jobs.

The omissions are somewhat excusable, as I assume the book is aimed at a wide audience who wouldn’t want to read too much detail and for whom much of the included information may be new.

The errors and inaccuracies are inexcusable. This was a missed opportunity to really understand and analyse Steve Jobs and his career. And now he’s dead, there won’t be any other opportunities to fill-in the missing detail. A great shame.


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