A company staffed by people with an impressive track record in Virtual Assistants, working in a ubiquitous VA. Yet I don’t see the technical goals they’re striving for as especially newsworthy – many companies are working to make VA’s more intelligent, integrating AI to remove the current barriers of designed intelligence.

As I’ve mentioned previously, one of the big challenges here is that many companies will be very resistant to having any one company control access to their business.

“The team are still exploring different business models, but one involves charging a processing fee on top of every transaction”

That segues massive power to the organisation that owns a ubiquitous VA, far beyond the power of Google which just makes money on search. A transactional fee will take some selling.

And what about the privacy issues for both the user and the organisation?

“Will Viv, as was the case with Siri, sell out to one of the tech titans? Kittlaus isn’t ruling anything in or out”

What happens when a Google buys the company that has this control, with the massive amounts of very detailed data it holds on people and organisations that are plugged into it?



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