Just copied at single 1.69 GByte movie file to the Lacie Thunderbolt disk, and then copied the same file to a USB 2 external disk. results below:

• File Size: 1.69 GByte

• LaCie 2 TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt Series Hard Drive: 12 seconds

• Generic USB 2 external disk: 67 seconds

By my calculations, the Lacie moves data at 140 MByte/s, or 1.13 Gbit/s. The generic USB 2 disk moves data at 25 MByte/s, or 140 Gbit/s. That’s a clear 5.6 times speed increase.

Compared to the specs, the Lacie claims 190 MByte/s. So not hat close but then my timings may be a second or two out either way. USB 2 has a theoretical speed of 480 Mbit/s (60 MByte/s), so my USB drive is achieving less that half it’s theoretical speed. Mind you, Lacie talk of speeds up to 10 Gbit/s, so by that measure my Lacie disk is performing terribly.

The Lacie has two disks in a preconfigured RAID0 configuration, so data is shared to both drives. that obviously overcome some of the speed limitations of a hard disk.


In day-to-day use, the Lacie is light-years ahead of the USB disk. I have a largish photo library of 15,000 photos, and on the USB disk it is painful to move between photos – it takes 2-4 seconds for each photo to load. With the Lacie I can scroll through and see the previews, and it loads each photo instantaneously (there is no noticeable lag).


So, overall, is it worth the cost? For me, yes – I used to hate using Aperture because of the file loading issues. Now, it’s fine, and I can edit and scroll through my photos with no problems.

I’d recommend it if you can live with the bad points I mentioned here.

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