“…we don’t even know what the coolest thing about it will be”.

Quote from Google’s website.

Neither do I. If even Google don’t know, then this won’t make major inroads into peoples living rooms.

I’m doubting my own sanity here, as this seems so obvious. I already have the web in my living room – on my iPad – on my laptop. So what does this offer that they don’t? What does it offer that a PC connected to my TV doesn’t offer? Have Google created a new control model for controlling a UI from a distance? (based on pictures of Sony’s remote for Google TV, erm, no they haven’t – this will be like trying to poke an ant with a fishing rod).

Maybe Google think that the internet is great, so it will work anywhere. Or maybe they don’t want to get left-behind, just-in-case internet TV takes-off, so they rush this half-thought-through idea out. This looks like a solution thought-up by Engineers.

Did I mention I don’t see this taking-off? Give it 1-2 years and I think internet on the TV will be dead. Maybe specific use-cases will evolve, but the general internet on the TV is an evolutionary dead-end.

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