While the debate about native apps vs. mobile web vs. hybrid apps is far from resolved, it is interesting that Facebook, a company who are struggling to keep-up with the shift in their userbase towards mobile devices (see The Guardian link below), have moved decisively away from a hybrid HTML5 app to a native app in order to solve a number of usability issues (speed being the main one).

From The Guardian article:

“Mobile use has worried investors as Facebook has admitted it has as yet found it hard to make money off those accounts.

Sam Hamadeh, founder of PrivCo analysts, said it appeared that 57% of Facebook’s users were now mobile, up from 54% last quarter.

“That’s a serious problem for them. I don’t think that they can innovate fast enough to keep up with that shift,” he said. “The results are a ‘meh’. They are a little better than expectations but not enough for you to call this anything other than a miss.””

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