Should a driverless car jeopardize its passenger’s safety to save someone else’s life? Does the action change if the other vehicle is causing the crash? What if there are more passengers in the other car?

Fascinating point about how a driverless car will inevitably be faced with moral decisions in the future. This underlines just how far from launch a true driverless car actually is. There can be no way to foresee every moral dilemma a car will need to resolve, so it would be a very foolish company that invests in a public product in the near future, as they’ll face a public and legal tsunami the first time the car makes a ‘bad’ decision.

It;s a fascinating consideration about any autonomous device. So far autonomy is so limited in technology that we haven’t had to face-up to this issue. That Roomba that needs to decide whether to recharge or pick-up that last piece of dust isn’t quite in the same league:

via Driverless Cars: Experts Discuss Ethics and Morality – TIME


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