So, 2 weeks from 11 December (the date the announcement was made). Lets see…that will be…why!…25 December.

Amazon are racing to get an update out before all those Kindle Fires that were bought as gifts are switched-on for the first time. I’d say they want to avoid a wave of returns after 25th December.

Good for Amazon for responding so quickly though – I’m still living with my iPhone 4S and it’s really bad battery life (not typical of all devices I know, but annoying).

Either the launch software was released with a slew of known bugs, or they were missed in testing (unlikely given the breadth of issues that have been highlighted). But of course, that’s the beauty not only of OTA updates, but also of owning the end-to-end experience (even if parts of it are borrowed from Google). No reliance on OEM’s to test an update and choose whether to upgrade devices or not (as we seem to be seeing with many Android handsets and tablets). Owning the end-to-end experience is the best way right now – even Microsoft, at one time the main proponent of ‘one OS on unrestricted hardware’, are now taking this route with WIndows Phone 7. It must be the future for consumer electronics, until a better solution comes-along.…

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