What I find surprising about these numbers:

a). Windows Vista is down to only 5.17% of the market. It’s a reminder what an awful OS Vista was, causing a lot of people to upgrade to Windows 7.

b). Windows XP is still up at 38.99% of the market. That’s an incredible number for a 12 year old OS.

c). Given the unprecedented success of Apple over the last 15 years, it’s surprising they’re still in single-figure market share – it shows just how difficult it is for one company to break-down Windows dominance. Now of course, this would look very different if we included iOS and Android, and the blurring of distinctions between PC’s and tablets and phablets and phones is becoming more problematic for this sort of comparison.

Windows 8 now up to 2.79% market share as Windows 7 stabilizes after its first decline


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