Conversational User Interfaces (CUI’s), Natural User Interfaces (NUI’s) or Virtual Assistants (VA’s), are widely acknowledged to be the future for how humans interact with complex systems, with Siri, Google Now and Nuance Nina leading the way. Simplification of interaction with complex systems is the key aim, leading to:

  • improved user experience
  • increased customer engagement rates
  • increased average order values
  • reduced channel switching
  • increased automation / reduced live agent contact

Nina provides a conversational virtual assistant for web and mobile apps to handle customer enquiries in a fully automated way. Nina is trained on enterprise customer language using existing data such as chat logs, speech IVR utterances, FAQ / KB search data, or the language training can be done from scratch by a combination of linguists and customer service agents. Nina can be trained to handle specific missions such as customer service or sales, or a combination.

As AI and Machine Learning become market-ready over the next few years, these capabilities can be added to Virtual Assistant capabilities, enabling Nina to automatically learn from agents and adapt as enterprises evolve their business and practices, as well as handle the long-tail of customer enquiries. The first-step towards this future is the optimised Conversational User Interface and Designed Intelligence that Virtual Assistants provide today.

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