“…a digital world that is even more difficult to turn off, once it’s implanted directly into the user’s body. At that point you’ll not even know who might be recording you. There will be no opting out.”

An article worth reading, raising some fundamental questions about the sort of society Google Glass brings closer. Personally, I think people will reject this version 1.0, but the technology will become so small and pervasive that we may not even be aware it’s happening around us.

Sounds like science-fiction? I’m not so sure. Each generation either willingly or unintentionally accepts a shift in fundamental values, either as a consequence of ‘progress’ or as a consequence of ignorance. People in the 1960’s would be horrified by the number of CCTV cameras distributed around our towns, but our generation seem to generally accept them as a good thing.

The Google Glass feature no one is talking about


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