It’s a pity when a great startup is bought and then slowly left to die or ‘integrated’ into the mothership in a way that effectively kills it. Posterous was one such startup – it was about the easiest way to blog, intelligently handling email and the message content as it’s input. The beauty was that you could post from any platform that supported email. I started posting to a blog using Posterous, and only switched to WordPress when Posterous was bought by Twitter (the writing was on the wall at that point).

WordPress is infinitely more flexible and extensible, but also much more complex. I just spent 3 hours this morning fixing a problem that meant I couldn’t log-in to one of my blogs ( After 3 hours of Googling and grappling with php, SQL and MD5 hashing it was sorted out. But whilst using Posterous for about 3 years I never had any problems.

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