Nokia today:

“…citing sharply declining sales of its smartphones as customers await the introduction of a generation of handsets running a newer version of the Windows operating system.”

This statement is a clever deception. If Nokia think that there are a large number of loyal fans still using their N95’s, or even their old Lumias while they wait for Nokia / Microsoft to catch-up with the market, then Nokia will be disappointed. An honest statement would read ‘…citing sharply declining sales of its smartphones as customers switch to other platforms such as iPhone and Android’. There may be a core of Windows / Nokia fans who are waiting for Windows Phone 8 to be released, but I doubt this amounts to much in terms of numbers.

I’m not sure what Nokia can really do to reverse this decline. People seem to have fallen out-of-love with Nokia and Windows Phone. They need to launch something that is as far ahead of the pack as the iPhone was when it launched. I can’t even contemplate what that would be.

Nokia Posts Loss as Smartphone Sales Lag


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