Good article. I really dislike the blind fanboy-ism, but I don’t think it will disappear anytime soon, if ever. I stopped reading comments on any tech article long ago, as they always degenerate into pointless, blind argument. I love Apple products, but am quite impressed by Windows Phone and Windows 8 so far. Fresh, innovative thinking that moves things forwards.

But I think the issue of the fan on the Windows 8 developer preview hardware is not just blind fanboyism. If Windows tablets all run the hybrid Windows/Metro UI, then the hardware requirements will basically be pc-grade (if you want to run pc apps like photoshop, you need pc grade hardware). And pc-grade hardware means power-hungry processors and lots of heat. Not great in something that you hold in your hand or put on your lap, and not great in something that relies on long battery life.

No compromises say Microsoft. Maybe not in the software, but that will force huge compromises on the users of these devices.

So it isn’t fanboyism. Windows 8 looks innovative, intriguing.  But the strategic decisions being taken now will define the differences between iOS and Android tablets, and Windows tablets when they launch. And they will have a huge bearing on whether Windows tablets succeed and fail.
If You Already Hate Windows 8 Then You Hate Technology

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