Here’s an excellent article that takes an honest look at just how intelligent AI actually is, and what we really mean when we talk about Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Whilst AI is changing the world and will do so increasingly, it’s still a long way from being the general intelligence the name suggests. It’s the same for Machine Learning. Once you understand the process of actually training AI the glamour starts to fade somewhat.

AI has many specific applications – Nuance uses AI in it’s underlying speech recognition capabilities and has done for some years now, which has driven huge gains in recognition accuracy and will continue to do so as explained in the article, and also uses it to improve voice biometrics accuracy. This trend is sure to continue, with Virtual Assistants such as Nina increasingly benefitting from advances in AI.

But we shouldn’t get carried away, and understanding the truth behind the labels is critical, particularly for an Enterprise making technology decisions that need to deliver business results in the near and medium term.

Artificial Intelligence

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