I’ve been thinking about this a great deal recently: will the era of AI be good for humanity, freeing us further from mundane jobs, or bad for humanity, marking a dramatic change to a period of mass unemployment?

On the one hand, throughout our history the advent of technology has triggered concerns about unemployment and the impact on society, yet has largely delivered positive changes. One the other hand, we’re approaching a new and unknown era where machines will be more intelligent than any of us, and we shoudn’t just assume this will be positive.

One thing I am convinced of is that we’re reaching the point in our evolution where the challenge will no longer be technological but will become philosophical. Not can machines do certain things, but should machines do certain things.

This article in Forbes is one of the few balanced articles I’ve seen recently, acknowledging the fact that there are conflicting opinions and concluding that it’s impossible to know the answer at this point.



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